About Us

"Do you just pray, or are you a prayer warrior? Wow, what a question to be asked. That question burned in the hearts of Pastor Michael Adams and his wife Tammy. 

They had been doing the Lord's work but knew there was more to be done. But what? So they made a commitment to praying, individually and together.  Then messages started coming.

As their prayer lives strengthened doors started opening.

Pastor Michael began a ministry in pulpit supply that would lead them to over a dozen churches over the next four years. 

Several of these churches he led services three to four months at a time. All of them preparing him to eventually become the pastor  of South Fairborn Baptist Church.

Pastor Michael and Tammy both teach on prayer and counsel straight from the Bible and stressing the importance of prayer. 

All this led to the start of Facebook live and the Fireside Prayer Time they host every Saturday night.